Light, Compact & Easy

A throwing type fire extinguisher is a revolutionary fire extinguishing equipment developed to be used to extinguish an early stage of an indoor -outdoor fire. It is designed to be used at times of emergency, to prevent losses of lives, property and also to secure escape routes. Since it is light and compact and has no complicated handling procedure that’s why it can be used by anyone. Just by throwing the bottle towards the fire, the special plastic bottle breaks and the extinguishing agent disperses over the burning surface creating a chemical reaction. The gas generated by the chemical reaction, not only extinguishes the fire instantly but prevents re-combustion with its 3 dimensional extinguishing effect. The chemical agent is non-toxic, so it is safe to the human body and environment.

Easy Extinguishing

It can extinguish the fire just by throwing the bottle. It can be used byanyone including children and elderly in case of emergency.


With 1 bottle (650ml) it can extinguish an area of 16 m3. It has the efficiency of nearly double of other similar products..


It can be used against A Class fire (wood paper), B class fire (oil) and C class fire (electrical appliances).

Light and Compact

It is a 650ml bottle and can be installed easily.

when fire occurs

throw fire killer directly

fire extinguished within seconds

Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous

Certified/ Tested/ Approved